Export –Import / Foreign Trade(Documentation and Procedure)

One of the greatest opportunities and booming demand for export and import sector, So we provide practical base training

Course Features


• Opportunities in Import Export Sector


• Opportunities in Export Import Industry
• Difference between Domestic and International Business
• Role of international organizations;
• Role of Indian Organizations & applicable Act:
• Export Cycle
• Export Import License – IE Code

INCORTERMS & Shipping and Logistics

• Shipping & Logistics Management
  a) Multi Modal Transportation
  b) Types of Shipping Line / Airline/ forwarder
  c) Transshipments/ Partial Shipments
  d) Types of Containers
  e) Fright Calculation- FCI/ LCL
  f) Types of Packing
• Method of quotation, Sampling & Negotiation

Payment Terms

• Various Types of Payment Terms
• Risk Involved in Various Payment Terms
• Introduction to Letter of Credit UCPDC

Pre & Post Shipment Procedure and Documentation

• Pre-Shipment Procedure and Documentation
• Post-Shipment Procedure and Documentation

Documents Practical & Govt. benefits

• Documents Practical of-
  1. Pre shipping Documentation
  2. Post shipping documentation
• Government of India’s Policy on Export Incentive
  a. Foreign trade policy & export incentive schemes:
  b. Pre shipment incentives advance license /EPCG
  c. Post shipment incentives:
  d. Duty Drawback schemes/MEIS/SEIS/MDA/Status holder certificate /latest updated schemes
  e. Procedure to obtain digital certificate for online application
  f. Online submission of documents for claiming export Benefits

Risk management & export – import finance

• Understanding risk in international market
• Product risk
• Foreign exchange risk
• Credit risk converted through ECGC
• Export import finance
  a. Pre and post shipment finance
  b. Difference between CC/PCFC
  c. Types of limits
  d. Project finance
  e. Suppliers credit & Buyer’s credit

Product selection and market selection

• Selection of product for export
  1. Importance of product selection
  2. Special care for selection of product for export
  3. Sources to find new product
  4. Product research and knowledge
  5. Preparing 100 – FAQs of your product(know your product)
Selection of market export
Important of market selection and identifying potential market
Export import statistics
Role of trade promotion organization
Importance of procedure to issue RCMC-Registration cum membership certificate
Importance of trade fairs & exhibition for exports promotions
Exports incentives on export marketing – MDA

Online marketing and findings buyers

What is online marketing?
Tools of internet marketing
List of business directories
Source of finding buyers
Indentifying the right Buyer: “LAW OF 100-10-2
Communication barriers & techniques
Reaching to the right person
Language problem with solution
Methodology of communication

Import & high sea sales

Opportunities in import
Import cycle
Procedures on customs clearance
Calculations of customs duty
Import documentation
High se sales
Document requirement for high sea sales
High sea sales agreement
Third country export
Revision & convocation
Complete process summery
Export – import cycle
O & A

Batches Timming


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M2-07.30am to 08.30am
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M1-09.30am to 10.30am


A1-10.30pm to 12.30pm
A2-12.30pm to 01.30pm
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E1-04.30pm to 05.30pm
E1-05.30pm to 06.30pm
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Duration :

5 Months 1.5 hrs. daily


12th+ Having basic knowledge of Computer


From A.I.A.T. Pvt. Ltd, the Associate with Tally Academy

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