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What is FASTag/ Advantages/ Fastag Data has been Integrated with E-Way Bill System to trace the Movement

What is FASTag? 

FASTag is frequency identification which is ready to facilitate automatic deduction of toll charges. The FASTag is projected because the ‘Aadhaar’ card for vehicles, which might be fixed on the windscreen of the vehicle. Now you don’t need to stop your vehicle on the tract and therefore the toll charges will automatically be deducted from your checking account or the wallet connected to the FASTags. Currently, these FASTags are available in 22 certified banks, on online platforms, online applications and at a number of the chosen point-of-sale locations.

When these FASTags are scanned by the tag reader, the fixed amount is deducted and therefore the refore the user receives an SMS alert on his registered mobile about the transaction details and the available balance.

One of the monumental decisions that might change the logistics landscape within the country is that the integration of FASTags with the GST e-way bill system. The program is implemented by Indian Highway Management Company Limited (IHMCL) which is incorporated by the National Payments Corporation of India and therefore the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) in coordination with tract Concessionaires, banks and tag issuing agencies.

What are the advantages of FASTags?

1. Easy payment options, no more waiting within the long queue at the tract

2. Cashless transactions

3. Easy recharge through internet banking or debit and credit cards.

4. SMS alerts for every transaction

5. the web support portal also as cash back and incentives

6. Plug revenue leakage and can reduce the value

Fastag Data has been Integrated with E-Way Bill System to trace the Movement

The Press Information Bureau has published that “Recently, the Fastag data has been integrated with the e-way bill system. On a daily average, 24 Lakh Fastag transactions from 826 toll plazas, associated with commercial vehicles are exchanged between NPCI/NHA and NIC systems. These details will help the GST officers to trace the movement of e-waybills using the new analytical reports.”



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