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How to Register on eWay Bill Portal ?

With respect to eWay Bills, three kinds of taxpayers/ users are involved:

  1. Registered Suppliers
  2. Registered/ Unregistered Transporters
  3. Unregistered Suppliers

Registration on the e-way bill portal is compulsory to generate the e-Way Bills.

Prerequisites for the registration on e-Way Bill portal:

  1. GSTIN of the registered taxpayer/ transporter, if registered
  2. Registered Mobile number with the GST system

1. For taxpayers/registered transporters

Here is the step-by-step process for registration on the e-Way Bill portal by taxpayers/registered transporters:

Step-1: Visit the e-Way Bill portal.

Note: Close the login pop-up if it appears on visiting the portal.

The home page is as follows:

Step-2: Go to ‘Registration’ on the Home page tabs->Click on ‘ e-Way Bill Registration ’ available thereunder

Step-3: Enter the GSTIN and the captcha code -> Click on ‘Go’

Step-4: Generate an OTP and verify the same

Following screen appears after following the previous step :

After checking the auto-filled details, Click on ‘Send OTP’ button. Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number and verify the same by clicking on the ‘verify OTP’ button.

Step-5: Create a new User ID and Password

Enter the new User ID and set a password of your choice.

The system validates and pops up a message if there is an error in the details entered by you.

Once all the details are correctly filled, User ID and password will be created.  (Check for tips)

2. For GST unregistered transporters

When is e-Way Bill registration required for unregistered transporters?

A Transporter is required to generate e- Way Bill if the Value of consignment value of goods of a single supplier exceeds Rs 50,000/-  or the  Value of all the goods in a vehicle through which goods are transported exceeds Rs 50,000/-

What is transporter ID?

Even if a transporter is unregistered, but the value of goods exceeds the above limit, the transporter has to generate e-Way Bills. Since he will not have a GSTIN, the concept of Transporter ID had been introduced.

Every unregistered transporter will be issued a Transporter ID, they will have to mention this ID on every e-Way Bill in place of GSTIN.

The Step-by-Step process to enrol on EWB portal has been explained in our article on Compliance with e-Way Bills by transporters.

By doing enrolment on e-Way Bill portal, the transporter gets a unique Transporter ID and a unique Username to operate on the e-Way Bill portal.

3. Action when goods received from an Unregistered Supplier

When goods are received from an unregistered supplier by a registered receiver, the receiver of goods has to comply to all the procedures of generating an e-Way Bill as if he is the actual supplier of those goods.

Hence, the receiver will have to generate an e-Way Bill.

Tips to set User ID/username and password:

a) User ID must have the following:

-8 characters but not exceeding 15 characters

-alphabets (A-Z/az), numerals (0-9) and special characters (@, #, $, %, &, *, ^)

b) The password should be at least 8 characters

c) Keep your Username and Password securely.

Henceforth, Use these credentials to logging into the e-way bill portal.

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