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Marg Accountning Software

Business are aware that maintaining the entries and ledgers with all the invoicing and accounting  is not easy if done manually. Therefore, accounting software was developed to form bookkeeping and financial report preparation easier and simpler. But this is not the end. Due to several drawbacks and scope of improvement, accounting software was developed. The idea of such software was to facilitate accountancy for little also as large scale businesses. The flexibility that was missing in traditional accounting tools was attained in this accounting and taxation software.
Marg's quickest and progressed, GST Ready Accounting Software for all company can oversee account payables and receivables effectively. It creates reports in 1000s of SMEs, Auto-Reconcile bank exchanges with 140 banks and carry online installment choices with ICICI Bank.
With Marg’s GST and TDS compliant accounting software, you can accomplish every significant action of accounting from Bill-to-Balance sheet accurately. With it's time saving, additional features like easy & fast GST filing, Efficient internal audit Report, Shortcuts, easy GST Tax Calculation, integrated banking, online payments options & collaborative commerce you can stay ahead of all your finances.

Advanced Features of Marg Accounting Software:

            Accounting Software Features
            Keeping of the Consistency and Accuracy of the Information
            Collaboration with the Entire Team
            Easily Accessible Data at One Click Away
            Simplified Records Management
            Multiple Security Layers with Seamless User Experience
            Machine Independent Tool
            Easy Report Generation
            Facilitates Taxation Compliance and Linkage
            API Integration to Add More Functionality
            Payroll Management with Multi-Currency Support

MARG ERP 9 is an on-premise ERP software having has quite 1,000,000 users. The different modules offered by MARG ERP 9 are often tailored to cater to the wants of manufacturers, retailers, and distributors across industries. What’s more, the software offers ‘Business Booster’ features to assist your business derive the utmost benefits.
This award-winning software solution known for its customer-driven features is right for both the MSMEs and SMEs. MARG ERP 9 also offers door-step support and services throughout the length and breadth of India.

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