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Shortcut Keys in Tally Prime

Tally Prime is the only accounting software which is considered worldwide by individuals and business corporates for maintaining their Accounts. Therefore, Accountants must learn tips and tricks taught in Tally courses. Tally is the most capable software in handling all kind of businesses.

Tally has great scope as it largely benefits fresher’s pursuing career in accounting. There are many Institutes that provide Tally training courses in Nagpur. Anyone can opt to learn Tally Prime, irrespective of their field.

Tally Prime has shortcuts to almost all functions. You do not need to use the mouse to activate any function if you use these tally shortcuts. These keys are an alternative to using the mouse by using your keyboard instead.

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Tally Hidden keys:

Shortcut Keys



Goes back to the previous screen by closing the current open screen

Removes the inputs that are provided or selected for any field


Opens Company Features screen

Ctrl + Up/Down

Moves the first or last menu in a section

Ctrl+  Left/Right

Moves to the left-most or right-most drop-down top menu

Home & PgUp

Moves from a line to the first line in any list


Moves from a point in any field to the beginning of the text in that field

End & PgDn

Moves from a line to the last line in any list


Moves from a point in any field to the end of the text in that field

Up arrow

Moves one line up

Moves to the previous field

Down arrow

Moves one line down in any list

Moves to next field

Left arrow

Moves one position left in a text field

Moves to the previous column on the left

Moves to the previous menu on the left

Right arrow

Moves one position right in a text field 

Moves to the next column on the right 

Moves to the next menu on the right

Ctrl + Alt + R

Rewrites the data

Alt + F4

Quits the application

Ctrl + Alt +B

Views the build information

Ctrl + Alt + T

Views TDL/Add-on details


The plus sign navigates to the next object.

Increases the report date or following report in a sequence of reports displayed


The minus sign navigates to the previous object in the context.

Decreases the report date or previous report in a sequence of reports displayed

Ctrl + A

Accepts or saves a screen

Alt + Enter

Expands or collapse a group in a table

Ctrl + End

Moves to the last field or last line

Ctrl + Home

Moves to the first field or first line

Ctrl + N

Opens or hide calculator panel

Ctrl + Q

Exits a screen or the application

Tally Shortcut Keys for Reports:

Shortcut Keys


Alt + I

Inserts a voucher in a report

Alt + 2

Creates an entry in the report by duplicating a voucher


Drills down from a line in a report

Alt + D

Deletes an entry from a report

Alt + A

Adds a voucher in a report

Alt + X

Cancels a voucher from a report

Ctrl + R

Removes an entry from a report

Alt + T

Hides or shows the details in a table

Alt + U

Displays all hidden line entries, if they were removed

Ctrl + U

Displays the last hidden line (When multiple lines are hidden, pressing this key repeatedly will restore the last hidden line first and follow the sequence)

Shift + Enter

Expands or collapses information in a report

Ctrl + Enter

Alters a master during voucher entry or from drill-down of a report

Space bar

Selects/deselect a line in a report

Shift + Space bar

Selects or deselects a line in a report

Shift + Up/Down

Performs linear selection/deselection multiple lines in a report

Ctrl + Spacebar

Selects or deselects all lines in a report

Ctrl + Shift + End

Selects or deselects lines till the end

Ctrl + Shift + Home

Selects or deselects lines till the top

Ctrl + Alt + I

Inverts selection of line items in a report


Tally Shortcut Keys for Vouchers:

Shortcut Keys


Only for Vouchers

Alt + R

Retrieves Narration from the previous ledger

Alt + C

Opens the calculator panel from the Amount field

Alt + D

Deletes a voucher/transaction  

Alt + X

Cancels a voucher

Alt + V

Opens a manufacturing journal from the Quantity field of a journal voucher

Ctrl + D

Removes item/ledger line in a voucher

Ctrl + R  

Retrieves the Narration from the previous voucher for the same voucher type

For Masters & Vouchers


Goes to the next input field

Shift + Tab

Goes to the previous input field


Removes the value typed

Alt + C

Creates a master at a voucher screen

Alt + 4

Inserts the base currency symbol in an input field

Ctrl + 4

Page Up

Opens the previously saved master or voucher

Scrolls up in reports

Page Down

Opens the next master or voucher

Scrolls down in reports





Ctrl + C

For copying text from an input field

Ctrl + Alt + C


Ctrl + V

Pastes input copied from a text field

Ctrl + Alt + V


Other Tally Shortcut Keys:

Shortcut Key



Across Tally Prime

Alt + G

Top menu

Primarily opens a report and creates masters and vouchers in the flow of work

Ctrl + G

Switches to a different report and create masters and vouchers in the flow of work

Alt + K

Top menu

Opens Company top menu


Right button

Switches to another company from the list of open companies

Alt + F3

Selects and opens another company located in the same folder or other data paths 

Ctrl + F3

Shuts the currently loaded companies


Right button

Opens the list of configurations applicable for the report/view

Alt + K

Top menu

Opens the company menu with the list of actions related to managing your company

Alt + Y

Opens the list of actions applicable to managing the company data

Alt + Z

Opens the list of actions applicable to sharing or exchanging your company data

Alt  + O

Opens the Import menu for importing masters, transaction, and bank statements

Alt + M

Opens the email menu for sending transactions or reports

Alt + P

Opens the print menu for printing transactions or reports

Alt + E

Opens the export menu for exporting masters, transactions, or reports


Opens the Help menu

Ctrl + F1

Opens TallyHelp topic based on the context of the screen that is open

Ctrl + K

Selects the display language that is applicable across all screens

Ctrl + W

Selects the data entry language that applies to all screens

About Reports

Alt + F1

Right Button



Alt + F5

For viewing the report in a detailed or condensed format 

Alt + V

Opens the GST Portal

Alt + C

Adds a new column

Alt + A

Alters a column

Alt + D

Deletes a column

Alt + N

Auto-repeats columns

Alt + F12

Filters data in a report, with a selected range of conditions

Ctrl + F12

Calculates balances using vouchers that satisfy the selected conditions

Ctrl + B

Views values in different ways in a report

Ctrl + H

Changes view – display report details in different views

Navigates to Voucher View from Summary reports

Navigates to post-dated cheque related transactions report

Ctrl + J

Views the exceptions related to a report



Accounting Vouchers

Opens Contra voucher


Opens Payment voucher


Opens Receipt voucher


Opens a Journal voucher 

Alt + F7

Inventory Vouchers

Opens Stock Journal voucher

Ctrl + F7

Opens Physical Stock


Accounting Vouchers

Opens Sales voucher

Alt + F8

Inventory Vouchers

Opens Delivery Note

Ctrl + F8

Order Vouchers

Opens Sales Order


Accounting Vouchers

Opens Purchase voucher

Alt + F9

Inventory Vouchers

Opens Receipt Note

Ctrl +F9

Order Vouchers

Opens Purchase Order

Alt + F6

Accounting Vouchers

Opens Credit Note

Alt + F5

Opens Debit Note

Ctrl + F4

Payroll Vouchers

Opens Payroll voucher

Ctrl + F6

Inventory Vouchers

Opens Rejection In voucher

Ctrl + F5

Opens Rejection Out voucher



For viewing a list of all vouchers

Ctrl  + T

Right Button

Marks a Voucher as Post-Dated

Ctrl + F

Autofill details

Ctrl + H

Change mode – open vouchers in different modes

Alt + S

Opens the Stock Query report for the selected stock item

Ctrl + L

Marks a voucher as Optional

For Masters & Vouchers

Ctrl + I

Right Button

Adds more details to a master or voucher for the current instance

For Reports & Vouchers

Ctrl + E

Top Menu

Exports the current voucher or report 

Ctrl + M

E-mail the current voucher or report

Ctrl + P

Prints the current voucher or report

Alt + J

Right button

Defines stat adjustments

For Masters, Vouchers, & Reports


Right Button

Changes the date of voucher entry or period for reports

Alt + F2

Changes the system period for reports 

For Data-Related

Alt + Z

Top Menu

Synchronises data

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