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Important  Step for Telephonic Interviews 

Written by AIAT Institute, Nagpur, for those person who are looking for temporary, part-time or full-time JOB in the Accounts and taxation sectorGetting your resume  and cover letter seen is often the hardest part so once you get through that stage it shows the company is interested in you.There are some important  step to face telephonic interviews

1)  Research the Employer

It is critical that you know something about the person you will be interviewing with. Look them up on website, Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter. If you are interviewing with a recruiter or HR person, send a connection request after getting the interview notice as early.

2)  Prepare the JOB related Questions

What are the responsibilities of the position? Are these responsibilities new to the department, organization, or company? What are the new business requirements that are causing you to fill this position?

3)  Prepare Yourself Mentally

This might be going for a fast walk or climbing stairs for 10-15 minutes. If you are nervous at all, this will help take the edge off. You want to feel confident in the interview.

4) Don’t be late

It goes without saying but it’s very easy to get caught out.If you are applying for a jobs at once, it is common to forget timings and mix up how far you are on various applications.

5)  Setup Your Interview Space

Use a headset on either a land line or your cell phone.If you are using a cell phone, make sure you have a very good signal.

The last thing you want is to answer the call thinking it’s your mum and realize it’s the recruiter from your dream job

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